20 Mira Fertility Max Wands

Tracks LH + E3G+ PdG

Maximize your fertility journey with a single reading. The Mira MAX Wands track 3 key fertility hormones (LH + E3G + PdG) at once via the Mira Fertility Tracker. Predict, confirm, and pinpoint your fertile window. Get real-time numerical stats, hormone concentrations, and plan your fertility journey with clarity. 

  • Measure Estrogen-Estradiol Metabolite (E3G), the Luteinizing hormone (LH), and Pregnanediol Glucuronide (PdG)
  • Predict your 6-day fertile window in advance
  • Predict and confirm your ovulation
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • 99% lab-grade accuracy

Must be used with the Mira AnalyzerIt is not recommended to use the Max Wands and the Plus & Confirm Wands during the same cycle. Please use them separately. See why.

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Track 3 key fertility hormones at once

Gain maximum fertility clarity by tracking LH, E3G, and PdG together. Pinpoint your full, 6-day fertile window, predict and confirm ovulation and reach your goals faster.

  • icon Get LH + E3G + PdG hormone levels using a single wand
  • icon Get actual, numerical hormone concentrations
  • icon Gain clarity with Mira’s personalized fertility alerts
  • icon PCOS & hormonal imbalance friendly — as always!

What’s the difference with other Mira Wands

Mira Max
Mira Confirm
Mira Fertility Plus
(LH + E3G)
Tracks 3 key fertility hormones (LH + E3G + PdG) at once
Predicts ovulation day and full fertile window (6 days)
Confirms ovulation
Numerical, crystal clear results

MAXimum fertility clarity awaits

Reach your goals faster and forget all about the guesswork.